Thursday, December 23, 2004

So yes, it has been over two months since I have posted...but due to public outcry I will try to be better about it.
November was an insane month that I wont even try to recap. My birthday was nice. But strange. I feel like I am declining into old age. 23 sounds old. But it is my golden year so I am looking forward to some good luck.

On December 7th I joined the majority of Paraguayans walking to the holy city of Caacupe to pay respects to the Virgin of Caacupe. There is a large basilica there and people from all over the country walk (some for days even weeks). Lucky for me, my community is only about a 6 hour walk from the church. Thank god and the Virgin it rained because whoever decided to start a pilgrimmage in December under the hot South American sun was a cruel cruel man.

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve. Here in Paraguay we celebrate on the Eve, not Christmas Day. Its not a day for presents either. Families put up manger scenes and invite neighbors and families to come over. Most kill one of their pigs to roast and everyone makes yummy Paraguayan cornbread and clerico which is like fruit punch made with pineapple wine, fresh pineapple, apples, bananas, grapes. Around 11pm we eat and at midnight we set off lots of bottle rockets and firecrackers.

On Tuesday I leave for BUENOS AIRES. I am so excited. Its a 19 hour bus ride but flying was out of the question for money reasons. I am going with a few friends and then after New Years we are going to Uruguay to check out Montevideo and the beach. So so excited. I come back around January 8th.
Once I get back I am starting a new womens group and I am starting to look into getting funds for a sink project that I am starting. Most of the community has running water but lots of people dont have a single sink in their house. Each sink will cost about US$15 if anyone wants to send tax deductible donations!

Its really really hot here.
Miss you all!

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