Wednesday, October 06, 2004

So no new nasty bug or parasite stories... But I need to buy some screen for my windows, birds keep flying in and hanging out in my bedroom.

All the kids in the elementary school took the parasite pills I finally got from the Centro de Salud. I feel like I might take one tonight. Something is wrong with my stomach. But we´ve been without running water for 2 months now so it might have something to do that.

The school festival is this weekend. I hope that my sister wins and is the queen. Especially since I´m putting in some cash to make it more likely. It should be a good time...especially since my 7 boyfriend candidates are already bragging about who will dance with me more. Lord.

I´m heading back home in a few minutes. I´m making shampoo with my women´s group this afternoon. I´ll post a birthday wish list soon since many people have been asking. Just make sure that all packages involve Reese´s Peanut Butter Cups and I´ll be happy.

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