Friday, September 17, 2004

So I killed the biggest lizard Ive ever seen in my life yesterday. I stoned him to death. I felt bad afterwards.

I invited the nurse from town came to my community and she did a talk on STIs, AIDS, birth control methods, etc Wednesday. She also gave free Pap smears. I recently discussed with the principal of the elementary school the fact that the 5th and 6th graders have AIDS and STIs in their curriculum but the teachers either dont want to talk about it or the students just giggle and we decided that if a nurse or doctor comes in, theyll listen. So I talked the nurse into coming back next week to talk to the kids.

The elementary school is having their annual festival to raise money on October 9th. I was volunteered to help make 400 empanadas to sell. Que fun. Also the principal appointed me judge of the competition for queen of the school. Im not sure how I feel about that. I really need to avoid pissing off people. And I have a feeling that whoever I dont choose for queen will not be too thrilled with the Americana. But it should be fun. Afterwards its a big fiesta with drinking and dancing. I love that all school fundraisers involve selling beer.

Im going to a concert with a bunch of my friends from my community. A Columbian soap opera singer is coming to town. My host mom agreed that I can chaperone my sisters (who are 17 and 18) plus the new boy wants me to go like as his date or something. Oy. I swear I am not going to marry a Paraguayan.

I really dont have too much exciting news. One of my hibiscus plants looks like its going to bloom finally. Im going to be a godmother for my neighbor Patricia when she does her Confirmation this month. My dog hasnt killed anything yet. Im causing interfamily rivalry by being friends with 2 families that hate each other. Which is a bad idea and is causing or will soon cause mucho gossip. During the day its getting hotter and hotter, but nights are still chilly. I sunbathed for 2.5 hours on Wednesday so I got a little more color (my amazing tan from last summer has faded) they think Im sooo weird for wanting to be tan. I made french toast last night for dinner. My family thinks Im the most amazing chef ever.

I came into town today to send Jess birthday greetings. And buy wine to smuggle back to my house (dont need anybody calling me a borracha).


To "the most amazing chef ever",
I nearly wet my pants on that one; still wiping the tears. Ok, with that said, Ive also just rd your email- NO grad school?!? You've managed to give your favorite and "most amazing aunt ever" a mini-stroke.
Clearly I must assume that lack of washing your mane with running water has allowed foreign substances deep into logic controlling grey matter. I must insist on two things Jenna... 1) you will not leave the Peace Corps on a journey to become "the most amazing lizard hunter ever" and 2) you will not be thrown out of Paraguay for pissing off the neighbors by marrying the gay brother of the de-thrown beauty queen who lives in agony over smelling the french toast she cant have next door.
Miss you,
Your most amazing aunt eva.
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