Wednesday, September 01, 2004

I would like to mention first that it is still officially "winter" in Paraguay and it was 97 degrees today. Yes that's right. 97. I take back all previous complaints about using electric blankets at night. I love it that the Paraguayans are telling me that this is gonna be a hot summer. Apparently 107 in the shade last February isn't what is considered hot. But I haven't seen Dec/Jan...that's when it's really "bad." I will die here.

Also it should be noted that for the past 10 days my community has been without running water. Yes, I am in Peace Corps and I came prepared to live 2 years without agua corriente. But wow it sucks... I don't have a well at my house so I have to carry buckets and buckets and buckets from my host family's well. After the second day, it stopped bothering me to drink a glass of water with dirt and other unknown particles floating in it. Its kinda ironic to take bucket baths with dirty water though. My intestines are still feeling ok though so hopefully I did not contract any worms. Vamos a ver.

I'm in a training session all week in Asuncion. I'm sad to be away from my dog and kitten. But its great to see everyone and speak some good ol' English.

Send me a letter and I'll send you one.
Miss you (and Reese's Peanut Butter Cups...)!

Requesting update on skeletal remains please, ah and yes poisonous frogs?
More packages mailed this week.
Miss you.
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