Friday, August 20, 2004

So a lizard ran across my kitchen table yesterday when I was eating lunch...

I'm in Asuncion for the night because I've been in a really bad mood and I need a mini vacation from Paraguayans. Being the topic of gossip everyday is very trying on the nerves. I do nothing, so they find/invent things to say about me. Latest example: Na Isabella talking to Na Muneca about the fact that I don't wear thongs. She noticed my laundry hanging behind my house and finds it odd that I don't wear thongs, in Paraguay it's hard to find non-thongs, even old ladies sometimes wear tiny lace thongs. Eww.

I'm just aggravated. It's just like living in small town USA...but I'm not used to it. I'm not used to not being able to say anything without it being repeated (and differently than how I said it).

But otherwise all is well (except for the sudden doubling of bugs due to the warmer weather...) My flowers are starting to bloom, I've been planting more too. Talk to you all soon!

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