Thursday, August 26, 2004

Home Maintenance in Paraguay:
Sometimes you will find a skull while raking your backyard.

Friday, August 20, 2004

So a lizard ran across my kitchen table yesterday when I was eating lunch...

I'm in Asuncion for the night because I've been in a really bad mood and I need a mini vacation from Paraguayans. Being the topic of gossip everyday is very trying on the nerves. I do nothing, so they find/invent things to say about me. Latest example: Na Isabella talking to Na Muneca about the fact that I don't wear thongs. She noticed my laundry hanging behind my house and finds it odd that I don't wear thongs, in Paraguay it's hard to find non-thongs, even old ladies sometimes wear tiny lace thongs. Eww.

I'm just aggravated. It's just like living in small town USA...but I'm not used to it. I'm not used to not being able to say anything without it being repeated (and differently than how I said it).

But otherwise all is well (except for the sudden doubling of bugs due to the warmer weather...) My flowers are starting to bloom, I've been planting more too. Talk to you all soon!

Friday, August 13, 2004

So what´s new...
The supermarket fire that you all heard about luckily did not affect anyone that I know. No one from Peace Corps was inside at the time. But it´s kinda like going through September 11th again. Its the first time that a tragedy like this has happened here and its all that is talked about in the papers and the news. I went to the parade commemorating the 135th anniversary of the Battle of Piribebuy in the Triple Alliance War (my pueblo is Piribebuy) and everything was dedicated to the victims of 8/1 all the kids carried signs and posters in memory of those who died. It was really sad. And all because the owner didn´t want anyone to shoplift.

I chased a cow out of my yard twice this week. Its hard because they get spooked and try to chase you with their horns. And my dog makes it worse. The cow almost killed my dog.

My neighbor apparently wants to sell his chickens. I´m considering buying his 3-4 roosters just to kill them and not be woken up by them under my window every single day. It will be $6 USD well spent.

Turns out my cat is a boy cat. We examined her-him closely and it´s a boy. So the name Leo turned out ok in the end.

This Wednesday my women´s group made powder laundry detergent. Went really well. We´re making cake and maybe soap bars this upcoming Wednesday. I still have had no luck at the Health Center getting the parasite and fluoride pills for the students at my school. Hopefully Monday the Directora will be there so I can talk to her.

Yesterday I went to the birthday luncheon of the son of one of my favorite Senoras. I figured out why she invites me over so much, she´s trying to hook me up with her son. He turned 22 yesterday and apparently has a crush on me. He´s super nice but oy. He invited me to come over tomorrow night for a fiesta. Not sure what to do about this situation. Oy.

Ok...that´s all for now. Ciao.

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