Wednesday, July 07, 2004

So no more parasites...

I'm loving life in my own house. One of my friends came to visit and is so jealous of my peace corps palace. We made curry chicken and pancakes. I've introduced my host family to guacamole, carrot cake, banana bread and lemon squares. I once told them that I don't know how to cook. Now they tell me I'm a liar. Little do they know, Betty Crocker's recipe books are doing all the work.

I made shampoo with my host mom yesterday. We tried three different recipes, but only one turned out well. Its with fresh lemon juice for dry hair. I'm going to try it out tomorrow when I get back to site. And I'm forming a group of Senoras and we're going to make shampoo, detergent and soap together. And eventually I will prepare "lessons" for them on diabetes, high blood pressure, nutrition, cooking with soy, etc...

Call me! Write me!
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