Friday, July 30, 2004

Ok so I the last time I tried posting, it all deleted on me. I hate computers even in Paraguay.

My poor kitten had a giant pique (the foot parasite) and I had a new one too. But we're all better now. My gigantic dog went to the vet for a rabies shot. Just in case. He's so protective of me, he doesn't like any dogs or people near me.

Today is Friendship Day in Paraguay. Felididades. Me and my host brother are throwing a party at my house tomorrow nite. I'm in Asuncion tonight with my friends. Beer!

I'm trying to upload digital pics on yahoo. We'll see...

I have a women's group now! That's way exciting. We will meet every Wednesday. This past Wednesday we made detergent (to wash dishes) I'm trying really stress the usage of soap. People consider using water washing your hands. I don't like to think what happens to the dishes. I therefore only eat at my family's house. They use soap. This upcoming Wednesday we are making soy milk and carrot cake and I'll talk a little about the benefits of soy and vitamin A (in carrots). I'm working on preparing a talk on diabetes maybe 2 or 3 weeks from now. My group is 8 Senoras and we meet at my house. I'm excited. My next big plan is to go to the Health Center in my pueblo and try to get anti-parasite pills and fluoride pills to take to the elementary school.

As of yesterday I have been in Paraguay 6 months. Crazy...

Package request: this sounds crazy but maybe could people send me the powder packets in mac and cheese boxes? Not the noodles, i can just add the cheese to pasta here. Also the powder packets in Pasta Roni angel hair with parmasean sauce. Really any powder packets from any pasta or rice box. I'm craving normal food. The kind where you just add water.


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