Saturday, July 03, 2004

My feet hurt. Why? Holes. Why? Had parasites removed.
Yep. Three. Three pique (pronouced p-k) took up residence, two in my right foot, one in my left. They are these teeny tiny "worms" that crawl in and start growing and laying eggs. Charming I know. The PC doc removed them yesterday. They were huge. Makes me wonder how many might be living in my stomach.

Today is the Fourth of July picnic at the American embassy. Super excited. Everyone is in Asuncion for the week, we went dancing last night at an actual club with actual American music.

I moved into my house finally. Love it. Spending much time in my hammock. I also splurged and bought a gas stove/oven so I've been baking cookies and cakes. Yum. And since avocadoes are literally falling from the sky, I have perfected my guacamole recipe and have forced my Paraguayan family to try this concoction that they find revolting (here avocadoes are consumed mashed with sugar as a dessert, yuck-o) They LOVE guacamole now. They want it all the time now.

I had a rat problem. My kitchen was broken into twice and food eaten. Freaked out. The fam came over to help de-vermin. Turned out the neighbor's cat got in through this hole in the wall where a pipe enters. Yep. Had that hole filled up. So glad it wasn't a rat after all.

My kitty cat is getting big. She's so adorable.

My next door neighbor is still claiming he's my boyfriend. Lovely.

Harry Potter isn't coming to the theatres in November I hear. Oy. I don't wanna wait.

I think that's about all my new news.
Ciao for now.
Ayyy Dios!! illlllll :(~
keep those dang feet wrapped in sox and sneakers!!
(calling your uncle in a minute to share) lolol
Jenna remember~~~> avocado+egg+mayo= awesome deep conditioner.
Living in the 'campo' is no reason to neglect the pelo!
Ciao! (next package coming soon)
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