Saturday, July 10, 2004

Im having an asado today (a barbeque) to thank all the people who helped out preparing my house. Its July so a bbq sounds appropriate, however down south, its pretty damn chilly...well today anyway.

I am broke. I spent my entire months salary already and its only the 10th. I dont know what I am going to do. I might have to take out some american funds which I hate to do. So if anyone feels generous, send my mom a check in my name and she can deposit it into my checking account.

I have no electricity also. Well as of 7am I didnt. I dont know why. I bought more candles today.

Im getting a puppy. I know I shouldnt. Already I know I cannot leave my kitten here after two years.

Krista who lives close to me is spending the night tonight and tomorrow Im spending the night at her house.

My Paraguayan novio told my brother that he plans to declare his amor tonight. Right. So far all hes ever said to me is hola, ciao, and buen dia. He also mentioned how cute Krista is to my brother and that hes gonna talk to her tonight. Men.

Nothing else new. Ciao.
Hey Jenn, it's Allison! Just read some of your site. There's someone at my site who goes around saying that he's my boyfriend too! And I have a major rat problem, and these rats are REAL. It's so interesting to read about the similarities and differences in our experiences. Well, hope all is going well for you and your projects...
Yo Yo Yo Shit Girl, What Up? Dis be Angela. Back from Europe minus parasites, but I did have to squat while camping. Yes, Cathy and I camped for a whole week. Miss you. Love, Angela
¡hola! ¡bienviendios a españa! hi its jill ... im in the train station in barcelona waiting for my train to madrid and with all the spanish i thought of you :)im gonna go this keyboard is damn annoying..imiss you muchos!!!!!! hasta luego, jill
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