Saturday, July 31, 2004

So I have photos online now! on yahoo.com
email me for my password stuff if you wanna see them...

I got the best package in the world yesterday...the new David Sedaris book! So excited!

and Courtney informs me that Harry Potter 4 comes out in theatres November 2005! (not that I've seen the 3rd one yet...)

Friday, July 30, 2004

Ok so I the last time I tried posting, it all deleted on me. I hate computers even in Paraguay.

My poor kitten had a giant pique (the foot parasite) and I had a new one too. But we're all better now. My gigantic dog went to the vet for a rabies shot. Just in case. He's so protective of me, he doesn't like any dogs or people near me.

Today is Friendship Day in Paraguay. Felididades. Me and my host brother are throwing a party at my house tomorrow nite. I'm in Asuncion tonight with my friends. Beer!

I'm trying to upload digital pics on yahoo. We'll see...

I have a women's group now! That's way exciting. We will meet every Wednesday. This past Wednesday we made detergent (to wash dishes) I'm trying really stress the usage of soap. People consider using water washing your hands. I don't like to think what happens to the dishes. I therefore only eat at my family's house. They use soap. This upcoming Wednesday we are making soy milk and carrot cake and I'll talk a little about the benefits of soy and vitamin A (in carrots). I'm working on preparing a talk on diabetes maybe 2 or 3 weeks from now. My group is 8 Senoras and we meet at my house. I'm excited. My next big plan is to go to the Health Center in my pueblo and try to get anti-parasite pills and fluoride pills to take to the elementary school.

As of yesterday I have been in Paraguay 6 months. Crazy...

Package request: this sounds crazy but maybe could people send me the powder packets in mac and cheese boxes? Not the noodles, i can just add the cheese to pasta here. Also the powder packets in Pasta Roni angel hair with parmasean sauce. Really any powder packets from any pasta or rice box. I'm craving normal food. The kind where you just add water.


Saturday, July 10, 2004

Im having an asado today (a barbeque) to thank all the people who helped out preparing my house. Its July so a bbq sounds appropriate, however down south, its pretty damn chilly...well today anyway.

I am broke. I spent my entire months salary already and its only the 10th. I dont know what I am going to do. I might have to take out some american funds which I hate to do. So if anyone feels generous, send my mom a check in my name and she can deposit it into my checking account.

I have no electricity also. Well as of 7am I didnt. I dont know why. I bought more candles today.

Im getting a puppy. I know I shouldnt. Already I know I cannot leave my kitten here after two years.

Krista who lives close to me is spending the night tonight and tomorrow Im spending the night at her house.

My Paraguayan novio told my brother that he plans to declare his amor tonight. Right. So far all hes ever said to me is hola, ciao, and buen dia. He also mentioned how cute Krista is to my brother and that hes gonna talk to her tonight. Men.

Nothing else new. Ciao.

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

So no more parasites...

I'm loving life in my own house. One of my friends came to visit and is so jealous of my peace corps palace. We made curry chicken and pancakes. I've introduced my host family to guacamole, carrot cake, banana bread and lemon squares. I once told them that I don't know how to cook. Now they tell me I'm a liar. Little do they know, Betty Crocker's recipe books are doing all the work.

I made shampoo with my host mom yesterday. We tried three different recipes, but only one turned out well. Its with fresh lemon juice for dry hair. I'm going to try it out tomorrow when I get back to site. And I'm forming a group of Senoras and we're going to make shampoo, detergent and soap together. And eventually I will prepare "lessons" for them on diabetes, high blood pressure, nutrition, cooking with soy, etc...

Call me! Write me!

Saturday, July 03, 2004

My feet hurt. Why? Holes. Why? Had parasites removed.
Yep. Three. Three pique (pronouced p-k) took up residence, two in my right foot, one in my left. They are these teeny tiny "worms" that crawl in and start growing and laying eggs. Charming I know. The PC doc removed them yesterday. They were huge. Makes me wonder how many might be living in my stomach.

Today is the Fourth of July picnic at the American embassy. Super excited. Everyone is in Asuncion for the week, we went dancing last night at an actual club with actual American music.

I moved into my house finally. Love it. Spending much time in my hammock. I also splurged and bought a gas stove/oven so I've been baking cookies and cakes. Yum. And since avocadoes are literally falling from the sky, I have perfected my guacamole recipe and have forced my Paraguayan family to try this concoction that they find revolting (here avocadoes are consumed mashed with sugar as a dessert, yuck-o) They LOVE guacamole now. They want it all the time now.

I had a rat problem. My kitchen was broken into twice and food eaten. Freaked out. The fam came over to help de-vermin. Turned out the neighbor's cat got in through this hole in the wall where a pipe enters. Yep. Had that hole filled up. So glad it wasn't a rat after all.

My kitty cat is getting big. She's so adorable.

My next door neighbor is still claiming he's my boyfriend. Lovely.

Harry Potter isn't coming to the theatres in November I hear. Oy. I don't wanna wait.

I think that's about all my new news.
Ciao for now.

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