Sunday, June 06, 2004

Well it´s been an eventful week (for Paraguay)
I got my house!! This is the BEST news ever. It´s so fancy that I feel guilty, but not guilty enough to not live there.
It was a disaster though. I´ve been working my ass off with the help of many kind, unpaid helpers. I´m in town today buying all the stuff to hook up my electricity. The guy is coming tomorrow to do it.

My house was full of huge spiders, tarantulas and frogs. Yes, frogs. Toads I don´t mind anymore, but frogs freak me out. They jump all over the place and make me scream. So I kill them. And I don´t feel bad about it. The yard was such a mess, no one has taken care of it in 2 years. We macheted all the weeds, overgrown bushes, and grass. We raked dead leaves and the cut grass for HOURS. I killed 4 scorpions. Yes, scorpions. I found an ant colony the size of Minnesota near my patio. I´ve spent so much money on bug killers.

The refrigerator doesn´t work. And I have to buy a stove. Well I don´t have to, I have a table top 2 burner gas thing but I would like a real one with an oven to bake stuff. So send me money if you feel generous.

My view is so gorgeous though. All I see is hills and palm trees. And I have banana trees, and mango and pear and lemon and guayaba too. I macheted a huge thing of bananas and put them in my kitchen to ripen. I think I´m going to move in next Sunday. So excited.

And I´m the president of my VAC group (we´re divided into groups by area of the country) we get together once a month to discuss whatever and for mental health/beer. I changed it so that we will meet at a different person´s house every month and spend the night. Our first weekend is at my house in August. Basically I like being in charge and Peace Corps will pay for me to go free to Asuncion once a month to meet with all the other presidents/drink beer. I think you understand.

My kitty cat is doing well. I bought her anti parasite meds. One of my chicks died. So I now have one. I´ll be getting more after I´m all settled into my house.

That´s about all. Looking forward to your letters...
frogs and toads are like sooo different
angela brought me a box of fresh donuts this morning. it was the best day.
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