Monday, June 14, 2004

So my house is really coming along...should move in in about a week.

I had my official presentation to the community by my boss. It went well. He basically spent the hour and a half explaining that no, I am not going to build 100 modern bathrooms. They see Pecace Corps as an organization that brings in money and nothing more. But the two volunteers before me both brought in a ton of money. And I have no plans to.

Oh and I have a boyfriend. My next door neighbor is going around telling the community that he's my novio. UGH. He's 23 and pretty cute but still. We've said about 12 words to each other in 6 weeks. And we're having a party at my house this Saturday (my host family's house) for this big holiday and he told my brother that I'm going to dance with him all night. Right. I'm trying to figure out how to embarrass him in front of all his friends so that he doesn't mess with me anymore.

BIG NEWS! My mom and Jess and Courtney are coming to visit me in August! I cannot believe it! I am SO excited! Send presents to them and they can bring them to me :)

I'm in Asuncion for the night. I'm going to go change my phone number and I'll post it later. Ciao!
(i cant belive they told you - it was supposed to be a sopresa)
As for that "novio", remember what Tia always told ya..if they are acting as if you have three heads - pick your nose. Pick the nose,it always works! ;-)
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