Wednesday, May 19, 2004

You´ll all be relieved to hear that my chick is doing better (Diego) he´s not limping much and his tail feathers are starting to come in too! Frida has fewer feathers but her wings are growing pretty fast too.

My house begins construction soon. I´m super excited...I get a modern bathroom! Its gonna drain my next couple paychecks so I´m going to have to be careful about going into Asuncion and spending the night with my friends and drinking. I want to buy a refrigerator also eventually which will run me about $150 USD which is a month´s pay...vamos a ver.

Spent the night last night in a convent. Yup. Me and my friend Krista (who lives super close to me) met 2 volunteers of another organization. They work with nuns and live next door to the convent so Krista and I slept in an empty convent room. It was a little weird.

You can CALL ME now. 011 595 981 532 421.
But it only works in cities (need an antenna for my house or something...) But I´ll be in Asuncion next Thursday afternoon-Friday-Saturday morning(trying not to spend too much money...but my mental health requires American time) You can call me sometime then...I don´t know how expensive it is...but just call and say hi!

Talk to you soon I hope!
Love, Jenna
Tell me your dreams Jennaaaa.

Frida y Diego ... almost made me potty nina.

Will try calling next weekend, I guess the text messages arent working..too bad, they were good ones
Not sure if you got the email RE: MauMau..rip 5/2/04. Luna is making me nuts oh and Im moving next month!!
Be good!
JENNA!!!!!!! i miss you like crazy! ahhh i wish you would come home so bad! or at least write those letters you promised me! everything is so crazy over here! i just wish i could hang out with you or something! I'll write you a letter tonight but i better be gettin one back!! and i tried to text you twice i don't know if you got any of them! but miss you soooooooo much! i wanna give you a great big hug!! i love you tonz!

love always,
Alycia ((your favorite cousin))
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