Monday, May 24, 2004

So. Big news.
My closest friend down here, Brennan, is marrying her Peace Corps boyfriend. Wednesday. In Asuncion. They have known each other 4 months. (Hes a volunteer in our group, not a Paraguayan) How insane. She called me yesterday and was like, Jenna, you wont believe this. I thought it was a joke. But no. Me and Jeff are going to be their maid of honor and best man. Well witnesses anyway. It will be at the American Embassy. They got permission from the Peace Corps director and hes going to move to her site this weekend. How crazy. I am soo excited for them though. They are adorable. Its funny though that just 3 months ago her and I would walk to his town during training twice a week to stalk him and Jeff...

As for me, still not married, all is well. Things would be better if someone decided to mail me...

Women's Cropped Yoga Pants from oldnavy.com item # 154468
Stay comfy during the most challenging yoga poses. Soft, flowing cotton has spandex for stretch. Wide, straight legs with side vents reach mid calf, with 25-inch inseam. Elastic waist with drawstring. Old Navy logo is embroidered on left hip.
Cotton/spandex. Machine wash. Imported.
(Black preferably)

My little chicks are growing so much. Diego is much bigger than Frida and his little tail feathers are soo cute. Our piglet is now afraid of me because I like to chase it and pick it up. It squels and tries to run away.

Mailed a long letter to Mom and she will forward it to all of you soon.

Construction on my house begins next week. Im going to be very poor. Im going to try my hardest to not touch my savings account back home until I go to Argentina for vacation. But building the house is going to eat all my May and June salary.

My phone still is being obnoxious. I am going to try to exchange it for an older model in Asuncion this week. This is what I get for buying a more expensive phone. But you guys can call me Wednesday, Thursday or Friday 011 595 981 532 421 If I dont answer, I may be at a wedding in an American Embassy for two people who have known each other 4 months. So call back later.

Low on news.
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