Monday, May 17, 2004

So Im building my house. Yep, didnt get the fancy house. But Im not that upset about it. I start construction next week. Its gonna be 2 rooms, the bedroom and a room for a "kitchen" Ill also have a little porch with an overhang AND the BEST part is I will have a MODERN BATHROOM (mas o menos) it will be indoor with a TOILET. Can you tell how excited I am...

All is well...except one of my chickens broke his leg. Hes limping now. I hope it heals alright.
Hola! So is your cell working - I've sent several messages. Did u get my package yet? Chicken cast? Dont forget...breathe!
Miss U....Tia.
dear j dogg,
we have decided that this last blog entry was a poor effort on your part (mas o menos). we need more. and no excuses about having to run off and build a toilet or pitch a tent. also, we're super glad that the porch will have an overhang. rock on.

the lovelies, catherine and naomi

p.s. give the chicken our regards
p.p.s. snoop dogg is coming out with a new hair care line. fo shizzle.
p.p.p.s. we're picking up on the language (mas o menos)
also, we are very happy that you won't have to pee and poo in the rain as a result of that indoor toilet.
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