Friday, May 28, 2004

So I itch. Fleas. But my baby kitten is sooo cute! I was walking in town after going to the market and it was raining and I heard this pathetic crying and it was a tiny calico kitten. I gave her some of the pastry I was eating and then picked her up and put her in my bag and took her home with me on the bus. The butcher told me that she was a male. So I named her Leonardo but called her Leo because she looks like a little lion. Turns out she's a girl. But Leo it is, which works out fine anyway, I tell people its short for Leona (and the Paraguayans can actually pronounce it)
She sleeps in my bed. Clearly not the best idea, but she insists.
I've been in Asuncion catching up with friends after a month and I miss her already. But my brother is cat-sitting.

So the wedding went well. Brief, much like the engagement. I was the maid of honor, which required alot of work. I can't imagine being a real maid of honor for a real wedding.

I think I might go see "Lost in Translation" tonight. I miss going to movies.

Oh...BIG news. I may not have to build my house after all. The owner of the fancy house called Peace Corps and said she changed her mind but we haven't worked out the details yet.

Que mas? Ummm...not much else going on.
Gonna work on putting my digital pics online today. I'll let you know.
dear jenna, this is angela. i busted my finger. slammed it in the trunk of my car. jill thinks that with your expert medical training you could fashion me a splint out of bamboo. what do you think? smooches.
jill farted
angela is a fart.
everybody poops
everybody pees.
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