Monday, May 10, 2004

So have you ever been standing somewhere and thought, "wow, if I tripped, just a little, right now, I would die."
Yes, I went rock climbing yesterday. And I am sore. Rock climbing. Thank GOD I wore my Merrell's and not flip flops as I had planned (I didn't realize my day would be so intense) Thank you Angela for the shoes..they saved my life. The scenery was gorgeous though. And I only have one scraped hand, two holes in my jeans, a bruise on my wrist, two blisters on my feet and a couples scratches on my legs.

Have you ever taken an outdoor cold shower in the fall or winter? I am in Asuncion today solely to shower at the Peace Corps office in scalding hot water. It is so hard to get wet when its that cold.

I have two baby chicks! I named them Peep and Chirp. They are so adorable and I refuse to ever eat them. We think one's a chicken and one is a rooster but can't really tell yet.

I should find out this week about my house. If the owner says no, I'm building a little house on the property of the family I live with right now.

My phone now works (when I have reception) and you can text message me FREE online at www.telecel.com.py Jill did it successfully so you can too...just translate the page to English at www.yahoo.com and send me happy messages every single day for the next two years!

I am SO excited that the new Harry Potter movie is coming out in June! I hope that it comes out immediately here (and in English, not dubbed) If it does I think I might take my little sister here to see it, she's never been to a movie before.

I have two packages to go pick up! So excited! One is from Granny, the other from my Mom I think.

Text message me!
Love, Jenna
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