Wednesday, January 28, 2004

So I made it! A little late but all in one piece. And my luggage made it too.
I LOVE MIAMI. I cannot stress that enough. It's so great here, you should visit if you haven't been here. It's January and I'm in flip flops (ok that doesn't say much for me...I wear them in Michigan's January) But I'm HOT. And it's "only" 80 degrees...I might melt in Paraguay.

The other 47 volunteers seem great. They're so accomplished and well traveled, maybe I'm out of place.
Cool people...I'm excited.

I fly out tonight...I'm sad to leave fabulous Miami but I'm so excited!
Write me!

Monday, January 26, 2004

So my flight was cancelled. Of course.
Virginia hasn't had an inch of snow all winter. But the one day I have to fly...

Well at least I don't have to wake up at 4am now...I rescheduled for a 1pm flight to Miami. Please let it not be cancelled too.

My bags are ready to go...I hope I'm taking all that I need. I'm a chronic overpacker, I always have been. Hopefully this whole experience will make me change my ways, it must. I know I'm going to regret taking all this shit when I have to cart it all over South America. I'm already dreading dealing with all of it getting from the Miami airport to the hotel. I can't even imagine what it will be like when the roads are made of dirt and when I have to ride in the back of pick up trucks with all of it.

Wish me luck...I'll be updating as often as I can. I'll send out an email when I get to Paraguay to let you know I haven't melted. It's supposed to be 97 degrees the day I arrive.

Jajotopata (Guarani for "see you soon"...so far that's all I can say...)

Thursday, January 22, 2004

I'm back from saying my goodbyes in New York and Michigan...only 3 more days. Both my bags are oversize and overweight (according to airline regulations) and I haven't finished packing. Already I've had to pull alot out. Ugh.

I already posted my address and I hope you all write me...packages are pricey to send but I'm worth it :) If you do send a package, make sure you attach the green customs sticker on the front of it (free at the post office) and maybe draw a cross or something on it too (apparently that "might" deter thieves in a Catholic country...I personally love a thief that is ok with stealing but not ok with stealing if he is reminded that God is watching...) Letters will make me very happy though.

Still freaking out.

Thursday, January 15, 2004

ok so people are already bugging me for my address so here it is:

PCT Jennifer Pearson
Cuerpo de Paz
162 Chaco Boreal c/Mcal Lopez
Asuncion 1580, Paraguay
South America

The PCT before my name stands for Peace Corps Trainee...training lasts three months and then after I'm sworn in around April 26th it changes to PCV (Peace Corps Volunteer). Since this address is basically a PO Box, I'm pretty sure that I can get mail sent to it for my entire 27 months, but once I build my own hut (its less funny when its true) I'll post my new address.
11 days.
11 days to learn how to use blogger, say goodbye to my friends, figure out how to download pics from my digital camera to a computer, get my taxes done, buy exciting things like 400 disposable razors and 18 bottles of bug spray, empty out my room at my parents' house, spend some quality time with my sister, oh and yeah, pack for two years.

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